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I currently serve as Treasurer of the Waldoboro Business Association with my term expiring January 2024. Compass Insurance is also member of The Waldoboro Business Association.

Compass Insurance Group would like to encourage you to give to the Waldoboro Food Pantry. Check out their site at:

COMPASS INSURANCE is a proud sponsor of Jaguars Baseball Club!   2021 Eastern Maine Fall Baseball Champions! 

In the past The Compass Insurance Group was PROUD to be a sponsor of The Medomak Valley High School Project Graduation and the MVHS Boosters Club. 


The Compass Insurance Group is also proud to support the Music and Theater program at Nobleboro Central School in Nobleboro, Maine. I am also the farm team coach for the Nobleboro little league program and we serve on the Nobleboro Parent / Teacher Organization. I also am grateful to have had the opportunity to write a grant for Nobleboro Central School which was funded by the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Maine and was matched by the National Ronald McDonald House Foundation for $25,000. This was used to install a new playground at the school.



The Karl's Kids Mission:
Helping Lincoln County youth to get involved in athletics when they otherwise may not have been afforded the opportunity.

Our organization has been serving children in Maine since 2007. Our goal is to make sure children have the opportunity to be involved in athletics and pursue an active lifestyle. Early on in development it is critical for children to learn the concepts of teamwork and stay healthy and active through athletic activities. Our goal is to make sure every child has such an opportunity.
Please inquire today about how you can become a cherished part of the Karl's Kids family.

Help them out or if you need some help give them a call or check out: